DIY Dog Grooming Is Dog Grooming And Dog Haircuts You Can Do Plus More is a diy dog grooming site

With easy to follow instructions for the different steps of the diy dog grooming process you will find the answers to your dog grooming questions. Our goal is to make your grooming experience easy for you, safe for your dog and a fun experience for both of you. If you found this do it yourself dog grooming site it’s because you have a keen interest in taking care of your dog’s grooming. If you’re that person, we created this site for you.

Inside you will find an abundance of information on the dog grooming equipment that you'll need for a starter kit and the extras that are always nice to have on hand to help give you that finished look.

Now if you’re still not sure where you’re going after you do get all your dog grooming equipment than our tips and techniques section will help you with problems you might encounter. 

Not sure what style of dog haircut you want then look into our breed haircuts and our dog haircuts pages for some ideas. 

Searching for the answers to prepping your dog for his bath? You just need to click on our Bath Time navigation button and follow the links that you see there. You will find the information on how to get your dog ready for his bath, right up to his actual bathing. Do you see something on your dog’s skin that you’re curious about? Click on the health problem page to find an answer.

Having trouble with your brushing or you need help with nail trimming or ear cleaning? Just click on our tips and techniques page and you will find a wealth of information to make your job easier.

We also have a picture section. Some are of specific breeds and others are fun visitor pictures. Please feel free to leave your dog picture with us or better yet your dog grooming pictures. You can leave up to 4 pictures on one page. Our memorial pictures are a beautiful remembrance to be shared with everyone.

Enter our do it yourself dog grooming site and follow the links on the navigation bar, you will find a myriad of information to help with your DIY dog grooming experience. We have tried to cover all the aspects of grooming your dog at home that you may encounter and will always be adding more to the site. Follow our blog to keep up on new information and or great visitor pictures.

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Pepper is a lab mix who is 4 to 5 months old.  He is a little shy but sweet and lovin.  You can find out more about pepper and his adoption at