The Right Clipper Blades for Your Dog Grooming Clippers

Only one size of clipper blades will come with your dog grooming clippers. That should be a size #10. It is one of the most versitile sizes.

No matter what brand your dog grooming clippers may be almost any brand of blades should interchange. So you will have some choices here. Your clippers should also come with blade oil. So the only other thing you will need with your blades will be blade coolant and we will cover this in the next couple of pages.  These are some of the things you will want in your dog grooming equipment.

Since I have an Andis dog grooming clipper I prefer using The Andis dog grooming blades. Although some of my blades in my dog grooming equipment are from the Oster Company. Most any dog grooming supply house will carry all varieties and sizes of clipper blades.

The blades have a size range starting with a surgical blade which is so close to the skin that it is what the veterinarians use to prep a dog for surgery (Not something you should need in your dog grooming equipment). Not a necessary blade for dog grooming. As a matter of fact you won’t need to many blades to get started with your home pet grooming.

The blades I would recommend are the # 30 and the #10 blades for your set up and prep Then if you want your dog in a short summer cut I would go with a #4F or #5F blade. All of these blades when you buy them should be full cut blades so look for an F after the size number.

Do not buy skip tooth blades as it is very easy to hurt a dog with them. Leave the use of those blades to the professionals.

The higher the blade number the shorter the cut. There are other sizes that are in between and also larger than the ones I’ve recommended to start with.

I would suggest having two of each size for beginning dog grooming with your pet, although one of each will do you for starting.  A good dog grooming supply house catalog will show all sizes of blades and the length of cut you can expect when you use them.

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