Clipping Poodle Faces Use A #10 Clipper Blade

Clipping poodle faces, a part of doing a poodle set up, you’ll want to know the perimeters of the area you’re clipping.

Using your dog grooming clippers and a #10 clipper blade you will be clipping against the lay of the coat. 

Be safe and use a #10 clipper blade.  It will give you a nice cut. 

When you’ve mastered your clipping technique you may want to use a clipper blade with a closer cut.  By then you’ll know what works and looks best on your poodle’s face.  My own poodle I used a closer cutting blade which showed off his muzzle features

Dog grooming can be exact as well as creative.

With your dog in a sitting position, fold back the ear flap and clip away the hair on the ear button just at the opening of the ear canal.our line will go from the ear button to the outside corner of the eye.  Then from the ear button to about one inch below the adams apple, forming a V shape on the neck.  It may take you a little practice forming the V shape but in short order you will have no trouble with it.

Evenly trim the hair off the face, nose and neck, within those lines and you’ve done your traditional poodle face. 

On the top of the nose you can clip from between the inside corners of the eyes down the top of the nose or you can create an inverted V shape between the eyes.

Take care when clipping around the eyes.

You will notice that the line from the ear button to the eye, on the poodle in the dog grooming picture is higher than normal.  Her mom prefers it that way and it fits with her short topknot.

Your poodle face is done and you can go on to the next process in your dog haircut process. 

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