Make The Cocker Spaniel Haircut Your Cocker's Next Dog Haircut

Dog Haircut:

The American Cocker Spaniel haircut. This is dog grooming for your pet Cocker Spaniel.

The Cocker Spaniel is a high maintenance dog and you will use most if not all of your dog grooming equipment.

You have done all your setup; brushing, bathing, drying, finish brushing and sanitary trim and you’re ready to start your dog haircut.

Using a #10 clipper blade, clip between the eyes creating an inverted V and then down the top of the muzzle to the tip of the nose.

Still using your #10 clipper blade clip the rest of the face following the lay of the coat.

You can also use an #8½ clipper blade against the lay of the coat to achieve the same look.

Clip the ears approximately 1/3rd of the way down the ear leather. Clipping the hair from the inside and outside of the ear.

With your #10 clipper blade clip the down the front of the neck to the breast bone and out to the sides of the neck creating a U shape.

Then with your dog grooming clippers you can continue with the #10 clipper blade or you can go to a blade that will leave more hair on the back of your dog. You can use any size full cut clipper blade that will leave you with the length of coat you prefer. I prefer using anywhere from a #10 to a #7 full cut clipper blade.

Clip from the back of the head down the back of the neck and sides of the neck blending into the U cut you made earlier.

Clip down the back and sides of the body blending off to leave a skirt.

You will want to clip down around the shoulder and then bring the line up some for the side coat. When you get to the hip drop the blending line down some and come around the hip.

Take your dog grooming scissors and scissor a round foot.

Do this by lifting up the leg hair and scissoring around the foot. Drop some of the leg coat and scissor around the foot again. Do this making the foot round and shaping the leg coat up into a bowl shape.

Scissor a sharp edge where you clipped the hair on your dogs ears. Be careful to only scissor hair.

Scissor the bottom of the ear into a bell shape and your cocker spaniel haircut is complete.

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