A Dog Grooming Tool, the Groomers Third Arm 

A very handy dog grooming tool is the groomer’s third arm.  This piece of dog grooming equipment makes your dog grooming easier by holding onto your forced air dog dryer hose.  You can then aim the air flow at any part of the dog that you are working on leaving your hands free to brush your dog at the same time you are drying him.  This is another piece of equipment designed to make your dog grooming adventure that much easier.

This groomers third arm is designed to be used with your forced air dog dryer.  With the dryer on high you may just be making more work for yourself so use it on low speed until you get used to the process.  The higher force of air can make the longer coats tangle requiring even more brushing.

The groomer’s third arm has strong spring type of clamps at both ends to clamp on to your dog grooming table and your dryer hose.  Then its strong and flexible metal arm bends so you can direct the airflow to where ever you need.

With this piece of dog grooming equipment you will not need to have a stand dryer since this will make your forced air dog dryer function in a similar way to the stand dryers.

A Smart Dog Grooming Tool To Own

I have used this method on smaller dogs like the Havenese and Lhasa Apso and on larger dogs like a Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever.  Dogs with coats that you are keeping and don’t want to put a forced air dryer to. 

I normally use the layer style of brushing when drying in this manner.

A quick note here is that some of the larger 2 speed forced air commercial dryers use a larger hose and your third arm will not hold it in position.  Make sure when you are buying this product that your dryer has a smaller diameter hose like the 2 speed Metro Air Forced One.  Your arm will work quite well with this smaller dryer hose.

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