This Dog Grooming Tip will Help You Keep Water From Getting Into Rover's Ears

This dog grooming tip is an important one. It can mean the difference between a painful ear infection or not.

There are those dogs with chronic ear problems, prevalent in dogs with drop ears. that can stem from many different reasons. These dogs really need that extra care to keep water out of ears. Then there are the dogs with perfect ears that are always pink and healthy with no odor. These ears will still get an ear infection if water is allowed to get into the ears.

Three fold dog grooming tip

Follow all three processes during the bath to keep water out of ears.

In your dog grooming equipment you may want to keep some cotton balls. Snugly fitting some cotton in the ear can help to keep the water out and the ear healthy. A key to getting a nice fit with the cotton in the ear is to work it into a cone shape and insert snugly into the ear small end first. If it doesn’t fit snugly then get a larger piece of cotton, shape it and insert it into the ear.

Another way is when you are wetting your dog or rinsing the dog shampoo out of the coat on the head, keep Rover’s head tilted down. With his nose pointed down towards the bottom of the tub or sink the water is directed into the tub instead of the ears. At the same time you can block the water from coming down into his eyes.

The final option to help counter the effects of water in the ears is cleaning the ears after the bath with an ear cleaner that dispels water. The one I use is Bio Groom ear cleaner. This is a good cleaner to keep in your dog grooming supplies.

Bathing being a major part of dog grooming, dog grooming a major part of keeping our dogs healthy, you’ll want to be as careful as possible. Using one or all of these methods will keep the water from getting into the ears. If your dog already has genetically healthy ears you’ll want to keep then that way.

Now you’re off to get your dog dryer.

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