Dog Haircuts You Can Do!!!

Dog haircuts:  

On your short-haired dog or your long-haired dog that you keep in full coat you won’t be wanting to do a trim. You’ll be wanting to keep them clean and brushed out.  For your short-haired dog that will be fairly simple and your long-haired dog will require a bit more work.

Dog hair cuts differ with all breeds of dog. Does your dog have a specific breed haircut? If so and you don’t find it here there are dog grooming books available that can give you this information.

I have an older poodle that I keep in a summer cut, with the poodle face, feet and tail. When he was younger I kept him in a variety of trims. Now for his sake, simple and easy are better. Your dog may have special needs and that’s something to think about as you begin grooming your dog.

So now you can gather up all that dog grooming equipment, dog grooming clippers, clipper blades, scissors, etc. It time for the actual haircut part of dog grooming.

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We will be adding breed trim descriptions and what you need to do to accomplish the look. Along with the breed trims we will have pet styles that look good on certain breeds of dogs as well as on mixed breeds of dogs.

Doing the body first and then scissoring in the head last is how I was taught. That bit of knowledge has served me well and hopefully will do the same for you.

For more knowledge try animal behavior college.

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