Create a Lamb Trim for Your Dog's Dog Grooming Trim

A lamb trim is good all-purpose dog haircut.  It can be put on many different long haired breeds.  Poodles, terriers, toy breeds, as well as larger breeds.

The dog grooming equipment you’ll need for this dog grooming trim are:

  • Nail trimmer
  • Dog grooming clippers 
  • Clipper blades #7 #10 and #30
  • Clipper blade comb #1 (or the size of your choice)
  • Slicker brush
  • Greyhound comb
  • Dog grooming scissors (curved and straight)

The prep work:

  • Trim the nails
  • Remove the hair under the feet
  • Do your sanitary trim removing the hair around the anus and underneath around the private areas
  • Brush your dog out well checking with our comb to make sure you get the tangles out
  • Clean the ears (if needed or wanted)
  • Bath and dry your dog
  • Empty the anal gland during the bath (if needed or wanted)

I like using a #7 blade for this dog haircut but you can do the job with a #4 or a #5 clipper blade as well.

The lamb trim:

  • With a #7 clipper blade starting at the base of the skull, clip the neck to the shoulders. 
  • Clip down the front of your dog’s neck and blend off at the chest.
  • Clip the back and body blending off at the shoulders and the hips.
  • You can also do your blending with your dog grooming scissors.  Blending is about creating a smooth transition from the short hair to longer hair.
  • When clipping the sides of your dog continue around to the underside of your dog and take care of the hair growing there too.

When you’re done with the body you have a choice of finishing the job with your dog grooming clippers with a clipper blade comb attached or you can hand scissor the trim.

To finish up your lamb trim with dog grooming clippers: 

  • Put a #30 clipper blade on your clippers and attach the clipper blade comb that will leave the length you prefer and trim the extra hair off the legs and chest.
  • Continue brushing up the coat and clipping until no more hair falls.
  • Trim up the feet and tail
  • Create the head of choice

To Scissor Finish:

  • Blend off the body with your scissors continuing on to scissor the chest and legs to the desired length.
  • Trim up the feet and tail
  • Create your head of choice.


As a note, be sure to keep your dog grooming equipment in good shape and your scissors and blades sharp.  You will make it easier on yourself in creating this dog grooming trim


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