The Miniature Schnauzer Haircut. A Dog Grooming Trim

The Miniature Schnauzer haircut is a specific dog haircut.

Miniature Schnauzer Haircut
Dog Grooming Equipment

  • Nail Clippers
  • Dog Grooming Clippers
  • Dog Grooming Blades #10 and #30 
  • Dog Brush
  • Dog Comb
  • Ear Cleaning Supplies
  • Shampoo
  • Dryer

Prep Work

  • Trim the nails
  • Clip away the hair from under the feet and between the big pads
  • Do the sanitary trim around the groin and the anus
  • Brush your dog out well checking for left behind snarls or mats
  • Bath your Schnauzer
  • Dry your Schnauzer

You have done all your set up work. The brushing, bathing, drying and finish brushing, along with the sanitary trim, nail trimming and clipping the hair from under the feet and between the large pads of the feet.

Now with your dog prepped you can start with his dog grooming. Starting with the Miniature Schnauzer head. The head should end up being rectangular in shape.

  • For the head you can use the moles to set your lines for the beard. There is one on either side of the cheeks and one under the chin. You will clip in a line from outside of the outside corner of the eye to the first mole on the cheek and then in another line to the mole under the chin.
  • The eyebrows should be a triangular shape.
  • Clip the inside and outside of the ears using a #15 clipper blade.
  • Starting with the top of the head at the back of the eyebrows. Take your dog grooming clippers with a #10 clipper blade and following the lay of the coat clip the top of the head. Clip the cheeks and throat using the moles as your guideline.
  • Clip the hair between the eyebrows and down into the stop between the eyes. You can also do this with your thinning shears.
  • With your #10 clipper blade clip the front of the neck and down the chest blending off at the bottom.
  • Clip from the back of the head down the neck to the shoulders.
  • Clip down the shoulders to the elbow always following the lay of the coat.
  • Clip the back and sides blending off at the bottom of the body. Leave hair for scissoring.
  • Clip the rear legs on the outside and inside angling from the front of the leg at the back of the flank down to 1 or 2 inches above the hock. This will depend on your dog’s needs
  • Lay your dog grooming clippers off to the side and pick up your dog grooming scissors.
  • Comb the eyebrows forward. Lay your scissors flat going from the back outside edge of the eyebrow at the side of the face to the nose and scissor a sharp edge shaping the eyebrow. You can also reverse the way you do this by going from the front of the eyebrow to the back.
  • Scissor the ears along the edges to give a nice sharp line being careful not to cut into the ear leather.
  • Trim the beard to the length that works best for your dog. Do this to suit your own needs and that of your dog.
  • Brush the leg coat up and out from your dogs legs and scissor them to the length you like. Keep brushing up and out on the leg hair taking off any stray hairs that pop up.
  • If using scissors is difficult for you, you can also use your snap on combs to achieve the desired length. Using a #1 up to a #0 snap on comb should give you a nice length on the legs.
  • Scissor the hair under the body following the lines of the body.
  • Trim up around the feet, check for any hair you might have missed and your miniature schnauzer haircut is finished.

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