A Poodle Tail Dog Grooming Procedure

A poodle tail

The actual process of making a poodle tail is a simple one,

You’ve done your poodle set up plus you have brushed, bathed, dried and brushed the coat out again.  Now you have the coat to where you can take a fine toothed comb thru it and begin the process.  

You will want to have your greyhound comb and your dog grooming scissors (curved and straight) at hand.  A minimum of dog grooming equipment is needed for this process.

Comb thru the tail bringing the hair out from the end of the tail.  Wrap your hand around the tail and slide out to end of the hair holding on to it at the very end.  Twist and then cut the hair at the length needed to make your pompom. 

You will need to look at the tail to make a decision where you will cut.  Think of the size of the pompom you want and visualize it top to bottom.  That is the amount of hair you will want to have left.  You will need some hair to work with.

With the tail pointing up comb the tail hair downward and scissor up the bottom half of the tail into the same shape as the bottom of a Christmas tree.  At this point you may already have a perfectly round pompom.  If you don’t it shouldn’t take much more to make it that way.

So comb the tail hair out to the sides of the tail parting it in the middle.  Do this on the top and bottom or underside of the tail.  If it shows more of a diamond shape rather than a round shape then you will want to round out the points of the diamond on either side of the tail.

Comb out the tail and trim off any odd hairs and you should have your poodle pompom is done and the tail is looking good. 

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