Puppy Cut Dog Haircut, Easy and Good Looking

The puppy cut is a simple dog haircut that once created is easy maintenance.  It’s basically the next step beyond the summer cut in regards to length.

The dog grooming equipment needed for creating this dog haircut is as follows:

  • Nail clippers
  • Ear cleaning supplies
  • Dog grooming scissors
  • Dog grooming clippers
  • #10 clipper blade
  • #30 clipper blade
  • #1 or #2 clipper blade comb 
  • Dog grooming brush
  • Dog grooming comb
  • Dog grooming shampoo
  • Coat conditioner if wanted

First you will want to do all of your prep work:

  • Trim the hair growing out from under the pads of the feet.
  • With a #10 blade clip around the anus and underneath your dog to include the last 4 nipples going back to the private areas.
  • Brush your dog out well and comb check to make sure there are no tangles or mats.
  • Clean the ears if needed.
  • Put your dog in the bathtub to empty the anal gland if needed.  
  • Bath your dog being sure to rinse well so you get all shampoo out of the coat.
  • Apply conditioner and rinse. 
  • Brush your dog out until your comb goes thru the coat with no resistance.

Now to do your puppy cut:

  • From your dog grooming tools put your #30 blade on the dog grooming clipper, attach the clipper blade comb of choice and begin your dog haircut.
  • Take your comb and lift the hair up so it stands up off the body and legs.  This will help your clipper blade cut through the hair and not over it.
  • Starting at the base of the skull and following the lay of the coat clip the neck, shoulders, chest and your dog’s body and legs.  Don’t forget to include the underarms and the underside of your dog.  Keep lifting the coat with your comb and going over your dog until no more hair comes off.
  • Scissor your dog’s head to the desired shape.
  • Trim up your dog’s tail if wanted or needed.
  • With your dog grooming scissors trim up the feet.
  • With all of that done you have finished your dog haircut.

Hand scissor puppy cut:

  • With your dog facing away from you scissor the body and rear legs all to the same length.
  • Turn your dog towards you, scissor the neck and shoulders around to the chest and down the front legs keeping the coat the same length all over.
  • Trim up the tail if wanted or needed.
  • Trim up around the paws
  • Create the head of choice: Teddy Bear Head or maybe Terrier. By now you should know what you can do with your dog’s coat.


You’re Done!


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Pepper is a lab mix who is 4 to 5 months old.  He is a little shy but sweet and lovin.  You can find out more about pepper and his adoption at Bff4pets.com