A Hand Scissored Lamb Trim can be a Creative Dog Haircut

A scissored lamb trim makes a nice looking dog grooming trim and gives you the option of being a little more creative in your dog haircut with the length and the shaping of the coat.

Scissored Lamb trim
Dog Grooming Equipment

  • Nail clipper
  • Slicker brush
  • Greyhound comb
  • Dog grooming clippers
  • Clipper blades (#30 #10 and #7)
  • Ear cleaning equipment
  • Shampoo
  • Dog dryer

Most of this dog grooming equipment you will need for prepping your dog for this dog haircut. 

Remember that doing your prep work along with having good quality dog grooming equipment will result in a great dog grooming trim.

Prep work

  • Trim the nails
  • Clip the hair from under the pads of the feet
  • Do your sanitary trim
  • Brush, bath, dry and brush your dog once again

Dog Haircut

With your blade of choice clip the neck and body of your dog starting at the base of the skull blending of at the shoulders, chest and hips.

Comb up and out the remaining coat on the dogs legs and chest.

With your dog facing you blend off the chest and shoulders scissoring approximately a third of the way down the leg leaving the length that suits you dog.

Bring the dog’s leg out to the front of the dog. Part the coat in the middle of the leg combing it out to the sides top and bottom.  Scissor and blend the coat from the bottom part of the leg into the upper leg where you have already trimmed creating a seamless transition and a round leg.

Turn your dog around and again comb the coat out from the legs and hips. Take your dog grooming curved scissors and blend in the coat from the body to the hip.

Then scissor the leg approximately half way down with your straight scissors.

Using the same technique on the rear legs as you did on the front legs bring the rear leg out to the rear of your dog. Again part the coat in the middle of the leg and scissor into the area you’ve already done.

 Trim up the tail, be it poodle pompom or a flagged tail

Make the head of your choice, poodle, teddy bear or maybe terrier head. Be creative.

Trim up the feet and you’re finished.

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Pepper is a lab mix who is 4 to 5 months old.  He is a little shy but sweet and lovin.  You can find out more about pepper and his adoption at Bff4pets.com