A Teddy Bear Head Looks Good and Takes Very Few Dog Grooming Tools

A teddy bear head can go on many small dogs. A Shitzu is a good example of where a head like this works. It also pairs well with a puppy cut. You don’t need a lot of dog grooming equipment to accomplish this round shaped head.

A pair of dog grooming scissors and a pair of thinning shears is all the dog grooming tools needed. Whoops! I stand corrected. You also need the appropriate dog brush and a good comb. Still not much in the way of tools.

You have your dog prepped, all brushed out and ready to go.

Top Of Teddy Bear Head

Brush the hair on the top of the head forward, lay your thinning shears across the top of the nose and scissor off the hair the same as in dog picture 1.

Back And Side Of  Head

Raise the head up, nose pointing to the sky. Fold the ear back and then comb the hair towards the ear canal. Take your scissors and cut down just in front of the ear canal removing the hair that hangs past that point. Do this on both sides of your dog’s head. See picture 2.

Front Of Nose 

Tilt the head down with the nose pointing to the ground and cut off the hair that hangs down in front of the nose as in picture 3

Under Chin On Teddy Bear Trim

Take your scissors and cut the hair under the chin. Do this with your dog grooming scissors pointing away from your dog in the same direction that his nose is pointing like in dog picture 4.

Blend Head To Neck

With your dog in a sitting position shape in the top of the head and blend it into the back of the neck using your thinning shears or scissors. See pictures 5 and 6

Finish With A Clean Up And Shaping

If you find some odd hairs now would be the time to take them off and do any needed shaping with either your thinners or regular scissors. You got it dog picture 6.

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