A Teddy Bear Trim Is A Good Looking Dog Haircut

The teddy bear trim.

The poodle in dog grooming pictures, appropriately named Teddy, is 17 years old. The hair on his back is very sparse, but the teddy bear clip still looks good on him.

Start With Your Prep Work

In the before dog grooming pictures Teddy is shaggy but not matted. If Teddy had mats in him he is to old to be dematted. In that case his coat should be clipped off using a blade that will go under the mats.  In this case this will be an easy and low maintenance dog haircut and will give him a clean trim look. 

Dog Grooming Equipment Needed

  • Shampoo
  • Blow Dryer
  • Dog grooming clippers
  • #30 and #10 clipper blades
  • Nail clipper
  • Ear cleaning supplies
  • Slicker brush
  • Dog grooming comb (my preference is greyhound original)
  • Curved scissors
  • straight scissors

Go ahead and do all your dog grooming setup including bathing and drying.  In this case I dried  the hair as straight as possible.

Begin Your Teddy Bear Trim

With your dog facing away from you start scissoring at the top of the back, shaping the body and blending down into the rear legs.

Turn the dog facing you, bring his head down and scissor the hair on the neck and the shoulders blending into the front legs and around to the chest.

Scissor the front and rear legs and trim up the feet. Scissor the rear legs the same way you would the front legs by bringing your dog's leg out to the rear of your dog blending into where you came down from the hip into the leg.

If you should find yourself needing another piece of dog grooming equipment to complete this dog haircut you should be able to find what you need on line.  Amazon.com usually has a good supply of dog grooming equipment and may even have free shipping.  Just something for you to check out. 

Here is your finished dog haircut and what your dog with a similar coat will look like after you finish this dog haircut.  Please click to leave our teddy bear trim page.

Do not get discouraged the first few time you do your trim.  It took several times before I started to look at my dogs to actually see the shape and smoothness of this trim.  

Your Dog Haircut Using Clippers

If you truly have trouble with your scissoring then you can always use your dog grooming clippers with a #1 snap on comb.  Go over your dog's neck, body and legs making them all one length.  Take your dog grooming scissors blend in and shape the head.
















Pepper is a lab mix who is 4 to 5 months old.  He is a little shy but sweet and lovin.  You can find out more about pepper and his adoption at Bff4pets.com