Who is Peter Bial

I am a certificated dog groomer who studied an accredited dog grooming course. The La Puente Adult School dog grooming course has created many certificated dog groomers over the years since its creation as an adult course. I received the student of the year and headed out to beautify the world one dog at a time. That was seventeen years ago and still I continue to learn, grow and enjoy my chosen profession of dog grooming.

The dog grooming school was excellent and certainly gave me a lot of knowledge and practical experience. The rest of the knowledge I gained was hard earned through experience. With every problem, I tried to come away with an effective solution and learn from my mistakes.

I own a mobile dog grooming business, my preference over owning a shop. I’m able to work with one or two dogs at a time depending on how many my clients own. Each dog receives the attention they deserve.

Now is the question is: Why am I sharing this hard earned knowledge with you?

I’ve put this site together in the hopes of making your dog grooming experience that much better, easier and safer, for you and your dog avoiding the mistakes I made along the way.

So when you come here you will find the trim that suits your dog the best, be it a breed trim or a pet trim. Maybe your dog has a skin problem, you may find an answer here. If you have a question about equipment you can come here and find the answer. With the proper dog grooming equipment you’re grooming experience will hopefully make you and your dog smile. Oh yes dogs do smile!

As time permits I will continue to add to the information on my site. I will always try to make it relevant to your dog grooming experience.

Peter Bial