Best Way to Clean Dog’s Teeth Without Brushing

In order to maintain our oral hygiene, we need to take good care of our teeth. Similar to dogs, proper dental and oral care is essential to prevent not only bad odor but also oral diseases in dogs. Usually the first method that we all think of is to brush the dog’s teeth. However, brushing is not always the most optimal option for some dogs. In other cases, some dogs dislike brushing, which makes it impossible to brush their teeth. So what are other ways to clean dog’s teeth without brushing? If your dog is one of those, check out the following alternatives.

Dental Sprays

If brushing is not your way, try dental spray. Consult a vet to know more about dental spray, then you can choose the most appropriate one for your dog. These sprays taste fine, and also give your dog fresher breaths. Additionally, they also have enzymes that can break down bacteria and plaque in your dog’s mouth, so bacteria and plaque can be cleaned off without brushing. A downside of this method is that it takes long time to be effective, as it comprises of ingredients that react only with natural saliva and water. Nevertheless, it is still a good and effective way to go when brushing is not your choice.



Another option is to use dental gels. Gels can be applied on finger brushes and rubbed gently on your dog’s teeth. As these gels include safe and natural cleaning ingredients, they do great in giving your dog’s teeth a nice coat of protection against bacteria. If your dog dislikes brushes in general, you can try using your finger instead. In addition, these gels also come with attractive flavors that dogs love, and gels do last for a long time as well. Hence, this is totally a great alternative to brushing.


Essential Oil such as Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is well-known for its ability to fight off bacteria naturally. For DIY toothpastes, coconut oil is also commonly used in various recipes. Therefore, using coconut oil alone can be another way to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing. The oil is not only completely natural and safe, but also very easy to apply onto dog’s teeth. Similar to gels, coconut oil can be applied by putting on your finger and rubbing onto the teeth surface. Another way is to just simply add coconut oil in food or snacks that your dog consumes.


What if you don’t like these methods above?

If you don’t think these methods would work on your dog, don’t worry. We have more ways coming up next for you. The chewing method also works great on dogs, and dogs do enjoy it much more than brushing.


Dental treats

Dental treats can be easily found in many pet stores. The way it works is that as long as your dog chews, the chewing can help to eliminate plaque and tartar from his teeth. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to find the right size of treats for your dog, as your dog needs to chew long enough for the plaque and tartar to come off.


Bones and sticks

Similar to treats, chewing bones can help to remove tartar and clean the gum line. In addition to giving your dog a good time chewing, they are also flavorful that your dog may enjoy. Unlike bones, sticks usually get softer when wet, so they may be easier for your dog to chew especially if your dog is a bit older.


Fresh foods

Other than bones, sticks, and treats, natural hard foods is a good option too (and also healthier). You can give your dog some crunchy foods to chew such as carrots, which are not only chewy but also healthy for your dog. Another benefit of using fresh foods is that you can feed your dog these foods daily with no need to worry about the side effects. Fresh foods are natural and usually does no harm, whereas bones, sticks, and treats are more processed.

Why do we need these alternatives?

Oral health is just as important to dogs as it is to us. If their teeth are not regularly cleaned to remove food particles, they will soon become an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Usually, brushing can help to eliminate those particles; however, brushing is not always comfortable for all dogs. And of course, we cannot just ignore their oral health in general. Thus, the alternatives above are very useful in order to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene and fresh breaths. While trying these alternatives, you can also try ways to make your dog enjoy brushing a little more. One way is to change the toothpaste. Instead of using unscented or minty-flavored ones, try using meaty-flavored toothpastes that appear to be more tasty to your dogs. Maybe you’ll find him enjoy these more.



Again, maintaining oral hygiene for dogs is crucial, and there are plenty of ways you can try to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing, really. However, do not forget to visit a vet regularly to give your dog a general oral check and see if he has any oral disease. Keep in mind that not all methods work the same way, and some may not be suitable for your dog, so getting an advice from a professional is always recommended before you try any new method.

Pet grooming tools for your dog

If you have a dog, be ready that grooming will also become a part of your life.

Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s life, as it helps to keep the dog in a good shape. Once you have a dog, be prepared that grooming will soon become a part of your life too. Many people think that grooming only involves brushing and hair trimming, but they are omitting many other tasks that are as important as brushing. Grooming also includes bathing, nail clipping, teeth brushing, facial cleaning, and so on. In general, grooming is a term to describe all the activities that keep your dog nice and clean. So, with many things involved, obviously, regular professional grooming sessions would cost you a fortune. So why should we waste money on something we can do on our own? Of course it is necessary to bring your dog to a professional once in a while for general check, but if it’s for weekly or daily grooming, it is not quite needed as you can totally do DIY grooming.

Secondly, grooming is a great bonding time for both of you. You go to work all day, and your dog misses you so much. So why don’t you spend some time taking care of him or her while also giving yourself a good time with your little friend?

There are many reasons why DIY grooming is favorable. So now comes the question: What do we need for grooming at home? Let’s take a look at these items for some recommendations!

Tools that You Need for Dog Bathing 

Tools may sound like a big word, but what it actually means is all the things you would need during bathing, and that’s all.

Pet shampoo:

Shampoo is very crucial during bath time because it helps to remove bad odor, dirt, and moisturizes your dog’s hair and skin. Thus, choosing a good shampoo matters to your dog. In order to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your dog, you need to understand the characteristics of your dog’s skin and hair.

For example, if your dog’s skin is sensitive, use a gentle shampoo that soothes the skin and hair. Gentle shampoos usually are made from natural ingredients, and do not include much cleaning agent so that they do not irritate your dog’s skin, while also keep his skin well moisturized. In another case, if your dog’s skin somehow is inflamed or affected by bacteria, medicated shampoo is highly recommended. These shampoos assist in skin treatment and help alleviate the symptoms.

So overall, take some time to do your research before making any purchases.

Drying towel:

While dogs can air dry themselves, drying towels are necessary after baths. Imagine your dog is sopping wet after bathing and he still enjoys running around the house. If you don’t want to see your house in a great wet mess, wipe water off your dog after a bath with a dog drying towel. This is a really simple task, just like giving him a big warm hug as a nice compliment for being a good boy.


Dogs need to be brushed regularly in order to remove tangles and prevent mats from forming. Especially for long-haired dogs, brushing becomes even more important. Mats are uncomfortable for dogs, and removing mats also helps to decrease shedding as well. So a brush is undeniably a needed tool for every dog owner. Depending on the size and the thickness of your dog’s coat, you can choose a brush accordingly.

Dog hair clipper

Let’s continue with the hair. Besides regular brushing, dogs also need hair trimming. For easy hair trimming at home, you can get a hair clipper. There are a great variety of hair clippers in the market from which you can choose. Hair clippers usually come in two varieties: cord and cordless. Cordless clippers require batteries to run, while cord ones do not. However, cordless are more convenient since you do not have to plug them in. So it really depends on your needs and your dog.

One option is to get a hair clipper set that includes blades to replace the old ones. These sets are more economical and convenient when you have more than one dog.

Nail clipper

Now let’s move on to pedicure. The reason that you need to trim your dog’s nails often is that long nails do not benefit in any way. The nails can easily break off or cause injuries for you and your dog. Hence, clipping nails is suggested. All you need is a dog nail clipper. Clipping dog nails is not difficult at all, especially when you have a good pair of clippers. If it’s your first time, make sure that you ask a vet or a professional for a demonstration before doing it on your own uninstructed. You should only trim a bit of the tip, since underlying the other parts of dog nails are blood vessels that you do not want to damage.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Last but not least in this article, we cannot omit oral and dental health. Dental health is crucial to your dog just like how it is to us. Some toothpastes are made with meaty flavors that dogs love, so using these pastes can make teeth brushing more enjoyable for dogs.

In addition, toothbrushes are available in many sizes, and finger brushes are also common in marketplace. If your dog is small, you can try getting a small toothbrush. If your dog is bigger, finger brushes do work just fine on them.

In short, regarding grooming tools, there are plenty of them for you to pick. The items above are the most essential ones that you can start with. Along the way, you can pick up more tools that are suitable for your need. To know how to choose the best tools, check out our other articles for tips. We hope that now you have a good start with dog grooming, and stay tuned for more tips coming up!