Top 10 Affordable Small Dog Breeds

Many people choose to get a small dog because they are quiet, cute and cuddly. In fact, you should think again. These dogs are lack of stature. Although all small dogs are cute, not all of them have meek personalities. That’s why you have to know exactly what you will get before deciding to buy one.

Nowadays, there are a lot of breeds with their cute and sweet faces. Check out this article to learn about the most adorable fluffy breeds.

Skye Terrier

This is a medium-size dog breed. It develops on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Many pet owners get them because of their ability to hunt and kill the badger. In fact, they are considered as a versatile companion breed.

This dog breed is extremely dependable. So, they have become one of the great family pets. If you are a cat owner, don’t get the Skye Terrier.


This dog breed is a tiny and fearless dog. Especially, this is one of the only dogs who can be able to survive the sinking of the Titanic.

Like Skye Terrier, this is also a faithful companion and good watchdog. Because of their aggressive nature, this breed is not a good choice for a family with other pets as well as kids. If you get Pekingese, you have to groom them every day.


If you are looking for the smallest of the hounds, you can consider buying Dachshund. But, this is also an excellent watchdog because of his biggest spirit. This dog breed is daring, curious, and adventurous.

Many owners choose this breed due to their intelligence, hunting spirit, character, as well as absolute devotion. But, Dachshund may be aggressive to unfamiliar children.

Bichon Frisé

This is a small-framed dog who has a heavenly white coat. Nowadays, this breed has become a lovable as well as cuddling for many families and individuals as well. Moreover, this is also considered to be an active and easily trained dog.

Shih Tzu

These dogs are lively little dogs. They are one of the most popular family pets. Many owners are attracted by their boldness and longevity. Especially, they can be able to be happy living in an apartment and a house.

In addition, Shin Tzu is well known for their delightfully charming looks as well as their endearing personalities. You can get them along with all creatures, including even children.


Maltese is a gentle and fearless breed. They are friendly. Indeed, they get along well with others and cats as well. They look like haughty nobility because of their glamorous white coat. But, this is only deceiving.

Many people love Maltese because they are sprightly and vigorous. In addition, they are also rally, obedience, agility, and tracking. More importantly, these dogs want to be with their people. That’s why they are bred as a companion dog.

Jack Russell Terrier

This dog is also called the Parson Russell Terrier. They have developed in England for about 200 years. This is a clever little, independent, and lively dog.

This is not a quiet dog pampered all day. Instead, it always runs around as well as leads a generally boisterous existence. But, you need to give this dog the right training to help them calmer.

Jack Russell Terrier is only a great choice for experienced dog owners.

Boston Terrier

If you are looking for a great family dog, you should choose Boston Terrier. They have the nickname “American Gentleman.”This dog breed is friendly and bonds dog with your kids. Especially, you needn’t groom the dog too much.

But, if you get Boston Terrier, you have to pay attention to household items and toys. These dogs may chew them. It’s best to keep anything probably so that your dog doesn’t destroy them.


The dog may look meek, but he can really pack a punch in attitude. Chihuahua is small and sassy. He just weighs in at less than four pounds. This dog breed is fiercely loyal to his owner. Especially, this dog doesn’t eat much.

That’s why many pet owners choose Chihuahua because of an economical companion. If you are looking for a dog for the first time, this dog is perfect. This dog even can get along with your cats.


This is an adorable, gentle, and mellow dog. But, you sometimes have to suffer from noisy from him. In fact, this dog is great with your kids as long as you introduce him as a puppy. But, Pomeranian sheds profusely. These dogs can be active, compact, and able to compete in agility and obedience.


As you see, there is a wide range of small dogs. They can suit all tastes and lifestyles. That’s why they are all you want. But, many small dog breeds cause congenital defects. Thus, it’s best to find a reputable breeder before deciding to choose a compact dog.